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Welcome to " " the web platform which wishes to help Swiss tourism


Starting from the observation that Switzerland is a small, beautiful country, rich in activities and incredible places to explore, three young Neuchâtelers decided to contribute to the discovery of this jewel. Hence our slogan # Of whichBeFooledByTheSize (don't get me wrong about his size).

Motivated by the desire to help the tourism industry to become more affluent following the delicate health situation that the world has gone through, we decided to create a digital "pass" that brings together different service providers in different fields of activity.

Whether it is hotels, restaurants, culture, leisure activities, events or transport, we would like to offer discounts of up to 50% to encourage Swiss residents to spend their holidays exploring our beautiful confederation of states.

We believe that Switzerland should be accessible to everyone and that you deserve to have access to it without going broke. Whether alone, as a couple or as a family, take your pass and set off, like an explorer, to discover or rediscover unusual places.


Luca Santos AKA " the initiator "

Coming from a banking background, this young man from Neuchâtel quickly realised that one of the solutions to the problem we were facing was solidarity. That if, on the one hand, the locals spent more time in Switzerland, the tourism industry would have a better chance of survival. But in order to do so, it was imperative that they could do so at rates that were affordable for everyone. This is why, on our digital platform, you will find services for all types of budgets spread over a large part of the territory.

Djeson Muanza AKA "the suggestion box".

A trainer/coach for adults in the field of marketing and job search, this young epicurean in his thirties, brimming with ideas, completes this striking trio. The audacious idea of selling passes that didn't yet exist via crowdfunding comes from him, to tell you how crazy he's also inhabited by a touch of madness?

Maël Calame AKA " the strategist "

Originally from the Neuchâtel mountains, this native of Lime de Fonnier, a master in the art of strategic marketing, is putting his skills to good use in this solidarity project. Immediately seduced by the idea of his sidekick, he quickly joined and offered his help in the development of the said platform. He is an avid hiker and has criss-crossed a large part of our regions in search of new landscapes and activities.

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Sensitive to the situation of tourism, catering and event industry players affected by the coronavirus crisis, three young people from Neuchâtel want to offer an application that should benefit everyone, and especially tourists. Their project has just passed the participatory financing ramp with CHF 13,000 raised. All they have to do now is convince partners to offer a substantial discount to holders of the "Explore Switzerland" pass. The application should be launched in September.


Three Neuchâtelois are launching an app to boost Swiss tourism. Luca Santos, Djeson Muanza and Mael Calame are between 26 and 30 years old. They want to help Swiss tourism by offering an all-digital pass. Users will be able to benefit from discounts in all areas. - Tourist Office of the Canton of Vaud

This year's exceptional situation prompted three Neuchâtel residents to develop a pass that allows customers to benefit from special offers throughout Switzerland.


Explore Switzerland" launched by three Neuchâtelois. Customers can buy their pass online and then find all the offers on offer.